Why your business needs a website!

When we see a business regardless of the sector they are in we tend to automatically assume that they can be found on the internet. Well according to a report carried out by Mansergh it was revealed in an interview with  Businesspost.i.e. that over 45% of Irish SMEs do not have a website.  

Why is this you might wonder especially since most of our information is consumed through a digital medium. Well, it seems that the businesses that chose not to invest in a website cited cost and irrelevance to their company’s needs as the reasons. With most of these businesses seeming to primarily focus on old school marketing techniques placing a great emphasis on public relations, radio advertisements & flyers and other traditional marketing channels.  

Now we ae not saying there is anything wrong with this as the old saying goes “If it’s not broken, don’t try fix it” we understand the old marketing techniques still work and if were being completely honest they are way more personal than the newer methods adding that chefs kiss with the personal touch to your businesses marketing something that is not always achievable through digital marketing. Yet this doesn’t mean both approaches can’t be done.  

Here’s why you shouldn’t negate a website for your business 

  1. A professional online presence shows good credibility on your company’s online impact. 
  1. Compete with your competitors. If your competition is online and you’re not your business will lose customers to them. 
  1. You can showcase your products/services 
  1. You can gain valuable consumer insights such as locational data, demographics & more in which you can incorporate into your marketing plan. 
  1. It is a Free tool to advertise new information such as product release/service announcements to a wider audience as well as just general news about what is going on with your business  
  1. Can be a HomePoint for all your social media links. The more linked your online platforms are the greater traffic that can be fed through it.  
  1. It helps establish your businesses brand as most websites can be developed with your brands theme in mind.  
  1. It can help your business appear when people are searching for a business in the same sector as yours. Resulting in you gaining new customers. 
  1. It can also be a useful tool in the recruitment of new employees 

There is a plethora of reasons as to why your business should have a website or not however the list would be too long and ain’t nobody got time for that. Now we understand why some companies do not have a website for the sole reason of the cost. Yet there is a reason as to why the costs of some websites are so high is due to the number of functionalities involved, plugins, hosting costs, maintenance cost & domain costs and much more. Granted these are necessary for most websites of course you need the site to be visually good but also functional. That’s why here at Imonline studio we recommended utilizing our Business essentials deal in which you get a fully customizable website template, including a domain name, SSL Security certificate, free one year hosting and custom business email. See the deal on our website Check out this deal and more on our website.

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