What’s better for businesses Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

For the consumer it seems that Cyber Monday is better for deals than Black Friday itself. According to various reports, Cyber Monday tends to have slightly better offers than Black Friday, and with ecommerce gaining terrain against retail sales every day, each year that passes Cyber Monday continues to be a customer favorite.   

Now that doesn’t necessarily take anything away from Black Friday and what it brings in for businesses. Both “holidays” (if they can be called that, I am unsure) Help businesses meet profit margins in the month of november as well as double sales. . Now in some instances a business may not have a physical store to run a Black Friday sale they can still utilize a Black Friday strategy online but it will not have the same effect as a Cyber-Monday sale. 

So, let’s go over the advantages for both Black Friday sakes and Cyber Monday sales. 

Black Friday Advantages 

  • Increased Sales for Physical stores & Online (Not as much as Cyber Monday sale for online) 
  • Customer acquisition for physical stores develop new relationships with customers in person. Opportunity to grow loyal customer base. 
  • Opportunity to clear old stock  
  • Easier to fulfil Christmas orders. Allows products to arrive well in advance before Christmas 
  • Can Generate returns 
  • Beat your competition. 
  • Increased in store footfall.  

Cyber Monday Advantages 

  • Cyber Monday Creates urgency for consumers encouraging them to shop on the day 
  • Because Cyber Monday operates online you can tailor the experience for the consumer and are in control of what they see. This makes it easier to up sell products. If you’re that kind of company 😉 Cough Cough Amazon… 
  • Consumers pay more attention to your online presence such as social media platforms to keep an eye out for news on deals. This can be used to promote services, deals or products without relating it to Black Friday  
  • Can be used to show your customer that you understand them and listen to them by including items they discuss into the sales. (So good PR) 
  • Advertisements for Cyber Monday need only the budget for the boosted post and a half decent photo. 
  • Can reach customers outside of your local market. This gives you the opportunity to potential markets  
  • On The cyber-Monday day your delivery costs may be completely covered depending on how well you market it today. 
  • A lot of the benefits are similar or the same as the ones listed in Black Friday’s advantages except for a few obvious ones such as more instore footfall.  

Look we admit the headline was clickbait as there is no better option all though all over the internet sources will tell you that Cyber Monday grabs you a few more sales than Black Friday however that’s more or less because its slightly the newer of the two. If your businesses only operates online well then, all steam ahead with creating a good campaign for Cyber-Monday. Yet if your business operates online and instore. It would be wise to divest the budget into both days to maximize the potential increase in sales.  

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