How we create Website designs

Well were not going to tell you how we exactly create our websites step by step. However we will tell you what our approach to the design of a website is. We take into account the scale of the project i.e what the client wants. Now we believe that there are two core website designs. Number one being the Traditional/blog/forum type and the second one an Ecommerce site

Ecommerce sites

When we are creating our Ecommerce sites we use our  highly skilled development team to optimise your ecommerce site to to suit your business products or services to help fulfill your company’s goals We incorporate the brand colours of the company that we are working with to help us develop the theme of the website As well as this we make sure that all product imagery meets our checklist which is imagery must be clear, have the correct dimensions and no watermarks. We also implement an easy to use checkout system. As well as this we use a stock update widget which keeps an eye on the number of products which are still in stock and updates regularly to inform customers on how many items are left. We also do much more than this but we don’t want to reveal all of our secrets just yet.

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Blog/Forum/Traditional site

For our more traditional websites which are more blog or forum style we tend to use framework for the design. As it is one of the best frameworks for developing such sites. For those seeking a personal blog style website or forum get in contact with us today to enquire. We use the best widgets for the development of these sites. Such as incorporating email retainment systems, Subscription systems, As well as much much more. Too much to put in this small piece. If your curious you should Check out some of these sites that we have done.

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