Business Development

We have worked with many businesses to help them convert their ideas into reality.
One particular business we are working with is incredibly exciting for everyone here at ImOnline Studio. The business which cannot be named yet has asked us to launch its new whiskey brand.
You can check below the roles that were required from us:

Brand and Logo Design

As well as creating a name for the whiskey we placed an emphasis on color coordination and the elements within the logo which represented the brand’s purpose and vision.


Marketing strategy

We have devised a marketing plan to fall in line with regulations for the promotion of this brand. As there are certain restrictions on the advertisement of alcohol this was a challenge that we had to overcome.

As well as this, finding and defining the target audience was also a core focus for us in developing the marketing strategy.

Bespoke website design

We designed a bespoke website design for this business taking into account every factor of what they stand for and what their purpose was.

The unique design that we used included a custom landing page as well as a custom under construction page and much more.


Product image/photoshoot

We ran a photo shoot for the products of the business using only the best cameras and lighting techniques available to ensure that the product imagery which will be used on the website and in advertisements is clear and crisp for the consumer to see.

We further edited the images and optimized the coloring and lighting of the products to make it look as though you were in the store viewing them on the shelf.

Launch events

We organized multiple launch events to spark interest from publicans, resellers, and anyone who has a fond interest in whiskey

This was advantageous as it put the company in the mind of not only customers but organizations who will be reselling their drinks.

This allowed the business to answer any questions customers may have had and to tell the public about its mission, vision, and goals.