How To Choose the right hosting for your website!

How To Choose the right hosting for your website! 

Okay so you finally decided you’re going to build a more professional online presence, or you have come up with a brilliant new product you want to sell on the net. Either one of these means your one step closer to building awesome website. 

So now in a slim chance you’re a highly skilled coder you already know what you are doing and you shouldn’t be reading this. However, if you are like most people who want to create a blog or sell a fidget spinner online then there are a few possible routes you have gone down in order to start your website building journey. Let’s list them shall we? 

So, you decided to build your website on one of these right? 

  • WIX 
  • Shopify 
  • Square Space  
  • Go Daddy 

There’s probably a couple more that I’ve left out…. well actually there is but these are the most notorious so we are using them as our examples. 

So, let’s take for example when you are setting up and choosing your domain name you are then encouraged to choose hosting for your website from a select few (that work best with sites) The hosting network you are encouraged to go with the most is Bluehost. Who offer you a choice between shared, dedicated and Vps hosting. With each of these they offer you a range of different plans to choose from. They have Basic, Plus, Choice plus and Pro all differentiating in price and what they offer you.  

In terms of whether Bluehost is for you it is ranked 3rd out of the top ten hosting services reasons for it being ranked third is for how good it works with WordPress sites.  So, if you are building your website on its best to choose Bluehost for your hosting  

We actually have a tutorial on how to install Bluehost check it out here.  

Imonlinestudio Tutorial on installing WordPress and hosting.

Now unfortunately with Wix the options are limited for your hosting provider as in you’re not going to be able to choose. That’s because Wix websites come integrated with google cloud hosting and Amazon Web Services (AWS), to protect user sites via multi-cloud hosting. So, there are a few benefits to this  

When you create a website with it is the same situation as Go Daddy was traditionally a web hosting service provider so you are more or less stuck with them until you move your domain to a different hosting provider. 

All in all, the best hosting provider comes down to a few a things. 

Cost, Speed and Security. You want to make sure that your website is affordable, has fast loading times and is safe from hackers or malware. It all really comes down to how much you are willing to spend on your hosting as the more you spend the more features you get and safer your sit will be. 

So, it’s really down to yourself when choosing a hosting provider. Compare deals, read reviews and even ask questions and you should be able to decide. 

However, in our opinion the best, affordable and safest hosting providers will be linked below for you to check out. 

Best hosting companies to choose from  

We here at will be providing a hosting service very soon! While you are on our website don’t forget to check out some of the deals we have.

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